Royal Pains


The fifth of my case studies is the TV show Royal Pains and I’m going to be looking at Reshma Shetty’s character Divya Katdare on the show. The character is a physical assistant to one of the main male characters of the show. This character is a professional, although she claims to practice medicine without her parent’s knowledge. This leads to the unearthing of a strong Indian stereotype where it is believed that Indian parent’s claim a control on their children’s lives bordering on the insane and choose everything from their children’s choice of profession to their choice of life partner. It is believed that this level of autocratic control drove this character to practice medicine without her parent’s knowledge. Another stereotype this character is subject to is that her parents want her to marry an Indian guy and, obviously, she is against it and wants to pursue her dream.


Her race is alluded to on the show, where her parents are mentioned to be Indian and live in the Hamptons. The character is subject to many of the stereotypes associated with this racial group. She is initially betrothed to another Southeast Asian male character, but breaks off the engagement and subsequently gets briefly romantically involved with a Caucasian male character. Her race does influence her choice of romantic partner, as her parents want her to marry someone from her own race and she does not want to.

I did not find this character particularly well-developed and probably will not use this in developing a benchmark or as a point of comparison in my future posts, when I plan to analyze media objects from past decades.


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